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6 People wrote to us:
  1. Congratulations Gautam on being the first one out of all of us to get your shit together for long enough to get someone to marry you. While the rest of us have been drinking our single-hood sorrows away on a nightly basis, you’ve been dedicating yourself to one truly gorgeous and awesome girl. Congratulations buddy! All the best :)

    February 8, 2015
  2. Hi..Gautam n Aakriti. I have heard lots of tales of ur Love & War(jst kidding).
    Now i m so excited to hear ur wedding bells.
    I wish all the best for your joyful prosperous life ahead.

    February 8, 2015
  3. May you be blessed with happiness and love from the start

    May you both shine brighter than a bulb in the dark

    May you both stay together and never fall apart

    I wish you love and prosperity from the bottom of my heart…

    February 9, 2015
  4. Hey Aaks & Gautam,

    Really happy for you ppl. And guess what I knew about you people even before the disclosure was made.


    February 9, 2015
  5. Love u motti n dangar…….. wish u a gr8 life head……. bol na jana humko kamino

    February 10, 2015
  6. I hope you know that we, all of your friends and well-wishers, have been impatiently and eagerly waiting for this special day to come. We hope that today (and the rest of your lives together) is nothing but a grand success. We hope that this special day will give you many fond memories to remember for years to come. Congrats Cheeteh! Tu ho gya shaheed…! :P

    February 11, 2015